Rotam CropScience is a global agrochemical company focusing on crop protection, with direct operations in over 75 countries around the world. With manufacturing operations based in China and major marketing operations in 9 business regions.

Rotam provides quality products and professional technical supports ranging from crop protection, plant nutrition, seeds & traits, to turfs & ornamental sectors. Inspired by customers, Rotam innovates in post-patent technologies that help bringing values and quality products to growers and farmers. 


Rotam manufactures products from start-to-finish, including our active ingredients. The manufacturing process is conducted through clean room, closed-environment synergies, along with ISO-certified processes that have been developed and refined over many years.

All our facilities strictly follow Good Laboratory Practice to ensure chemical integrity, quality and consistency. GLP compliance is assessed and monitored by German GLP monitoring authority.

This accreditation is accepted by all global regulatory authorities and makes Rotam CropSciences the only German-certified GLP laboratory for a crop protection company in China.

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