ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Flumioxazin 51%

Performance Highlights

  • Versatile and flexible formulation designed for control of tough, invasive weed species in a variety of markets
  • Pre- and post-emergence tank-mix partner for efficient and effective resistance management strategies
  • Formulated to combat glyphosate and ALS resistant weeds
  • Low use rates for easy use and storage
  • Rainfast up to one hour
  • Superior formulations tailored for surface or subsurface applications
  • Fast-acting aquatic herbicide delivers selective control of hard to manage aquatic invasive weeds like Duckweed, Cabomba, Water lettuce, Watermeal, and more
  • Flexible and versatile solution that targets both surface and subsurface weeds
  • Offers highest levels of success when applied to young, actively growing weeds in slow-moving waters with a PH under 8.5 

Ground Applications

  • Warm-season dormant turf
  • Ornamental areas
  • Container and field-grown coniferous and deciduous trees
  • Container-grown nursery plants
  • Roadside, bare ground areas, railroads, and vegetation management

Aquatic Applications

  • Golf course aquatics
  • Slow-moving aquatic bodies including:
  • Bayous
  • Canals
  • Drainage ditches
  • Lakes
  • Marshes
  • Ponds (including golf course ponds and water fixtures)
  • Reservoirs


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Label & SDS

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