Rotam North America Launches New Mesotrione Mixtures for Corn Market

Rotam enters largest corn market in the world.

After the successful launch of Evinco™ and Vilify™ mesotrione-based premixed herbicides, Rotam announced today the pending registrations of three new pre-mix mesotrione combinations useful for the U.S. corn market. Rixa is a three-way mix of metolachlor, atrazine and mesotrione. Also coming to the market are Optero, a mix of acetochlor and mesotrione, and Durus, a three-way mix of acetochlor, atrazine and mesotrione. Premixes are an effective and economical option for growers accustomed to treating extensive acreage. With over 93 million acres in production, the U.S .market is the largest in the world.


Rotam launched Bellum™, a systemic pre-emergence and post-emergence herbicide with mesotrione in 2015. Mesotrione use for controlling broadleaf weeds in corn has expanded since 2015, prompting Rotam to launch Evinco and Vilify premixes in 2016.  Growers have responded positively to the convenience of premixes for resistant and difficult-to-control broadleaf weeds. 

To help fulfill growers needs, Rotam has these three new mesotrione premixes for the coming growing season with plans to roll out two additional premixes for the 2019 growing season.


“We are continually responding to grower needs,” said Tom Chavez, Rotam country manager for the U.S. and Canada.  “Growers have come to rely more and more on these easy-to-use premixed products.  They are often a more convenient alternative to other crop protection options.”


Rotam maintains that offering growers more product choices allows mesotrione to be a viable option for all growers seeking to control broadleaf leafs. 


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