Rotam North America Announces Movement into Canadian Market

Rotam expands product distribution into Canada.


Rotam announced today that distribution is slated to begin in the Canadian agricultural market. In the short term, the company will focus on expanding the reach of the Cibus™ SU Canola™ products into Canada.  Geoff Trimble, formerly the agro manager of Neepawa Gladstone Coop, will support sales of SU Canola and other Rotam products in Canada. 


SU Canola is a non-transgenic (non-GM) sulfonylurea (SU) herbicide tolerant canola that has exceptional broadleaf weed control and excellent crop safety in an easy-to-use package.  The system provides sound stewardship options to help manage glyphosate resistant weeds.


“SU Canola is an exciting product for the Canadian canola market,” said Tom Chavez, vice president of global marketing and business communication for Rotam.  “We are eager to introduce this non-transgenic herbicide-tolerant canola product to Canada and we are actively pursuing Canadian registrations for other Rotam crop protection products.”


Rotam is working with Canadian distributors to get SU Canola to the grower market.  Rotam plans to bring their entire portfolio of crop protection products into Canada. 


Rotam has a combined effort with Cibusä to offer growers valuable, non-GMO hybrids that provide an exciting option for weed control.  For more information about SU Canola, visit


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