Rotam North America Launches Abacus® V6 Miticide/Insecticide

Rotam, a global leader in superior crop protection products, announced today the launch of Abacus V6, an insecticide and miticide with the active ingredient Abamectin.  Rotam is helping growers with the fight against mites and a wide range of other destructive insects. Abacus® V6 is an abamectin EC that contains 6% abamectin verses the industry standard 2% concentration. This powerful new formulation delivers growers increased MPG: More Dead Mites Per Gallon.


“I am pleased to announce the new Abacus V6™, the third generation of Rotam’s abamectin miticide/insecticide for the US market,” says Tom Chavez, VP of Global Markets. “It is exciting to bring “continuous improvement” to a cornerstone key active ingredient for mite control.”


An early application of Abacus V6 is the core building block of a strong foundation for season-long mite control. Abacus V6 is a proven product for prevention and control of a broad spectrum of insect pests. When it comes to spider mites and other difficult-to-control species, it delivers excellent efficacy. What’s more, Abacus V6 provides flexible pre-harvest intervals ranging from as low as 7 days to as high as 30 days. See the product label for crop specific information.


Proven, Low VOC Liquid: Less Hassle and Trash

Abacus V6 delivers the proven mite control you need with a superior low VOC formulation. In addition, it delivers effective insect control on critical specialty crops with minimal impact on beneficials. This new 6% formulation delivers More Dead Mites Per Gallon while reducing the amount of product used versus 2% formulations. At the same time, Abacus V6 provides a superior miticide/insecticide performance that growers need.

For more information on how Abacus V6 can accelerate your mite and insect control program, visit: or call Rotam North America Customer Service at: (1) 886-927-6826 (toll free).


Abacus V6 is available for sale now. Contact your local account manager for more information.


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