Rotam North America Increases Sales Reach + Expands Mid-South Team

Chris Pye Joins the RTNA Mid-South Region Account Team


Rotam continues its account team expansion in North America to ensure adequate support and success for growers across the nation. Now supporting the Mid-South Region, Chris Pye is the newest addition to the account team .

Pye’s background combines a mixture of commercial and marketing experience in most forms of pest management, at both the distribution and the manufacturing levels. He brings a wide range of experience, including spearheading a project where he developed and built a program on farm sales agronomy for widespread distribution in pest control across the UK. Pye holds a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and is skilled in managing a large number of accounts due to his 30+ years of experience in the industry. Most notably, he worked with Dow AgroSciences in the UK, Scandanavia, and Baltics where he managed accounts within Sports Turf, Industrial Vegetation Control (Range and Pasture), Pest Management and Fumigation.


In his most recent role, he was the Commercial and Marketing Manager for UK, Ireland, Nordics, and Baltics for Rotam Europe Limited for seven years. He covered a range of Rotam’s post patent agrochemicals, including a genuine alternative range of sulfonylurea broad leaf weed cereal herbicides, fungicides based upon the active tebuconazole, and maize herbicides based upon dicamba and nicosulfuron.


"I have always enjoyed and been successful in moving to new markets both in distribution and manufacturing. To be given the opportunity to join Rotam North America and bringing with me a wide range of experience in Northern Europe, I look forward to helping Rotam grow its US business," stated Pye of his new position.


The North American team welcomes the opportunity to strengthen the brand within the Mid-South Region and Pye’s ability to manage large areas. His expertise in developing the expansion of programs make him a valuable asset as Rotam continues to help improve the global impact of farming through evolving technology, focused sustainability, and customer service.


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