Rotam Spans New Markets with Joya™ Herbicide Featuring Flumioxazin


Rotam, a global leader in superior crop protection products, announces the launch of Joya™, a versatile professional herbicide featuring active ingredient Flumioxazin 51%. This product release represents the expansion of Rotam North America’s product line into new markets for turf and aquatics.

 Joya is ideal for managing weeds in professional golf, turf, and lawn markets during dormant and winter seasons, as well as landscape, greenhouses, and roadside and vegetation management for highway median cleanup and beautification, along with railroad tie and industrial site clearing.


Rotam is pleased to report that Joya is also registered for aquatics weed management, which includes both surface weeds (algae), and submerged weeds that are rooted to the ground and float. Joya is ideal for golf and landscape water fixtures and ponds, as well as canals, ponds, bodies of water and lakes, which will be beneficial for invasive plant management in Florida.


“We are looking forward to the release of Joya due to its versatility across new markets such as aquatics,” says Tom Chavez, VP of Global Markets. “The flexibility of the product will enable users to manage tough, invasive weed species in a variety of markets.”


Flexible and Versatile for New Markets

As a selective herbicide for aquatics, Joya features a fast-acting superior formulation tailored for surface or subsurface applications and delivers control of hard-to-manage aquatic invasive weeds like Duckweed, Cabomba, Water lettuce, Watermeal, and more. For other professional uses, it provides excellent residual control of over 100 broadleaf weeds and grasses and is a pre- and post-emergence tank-mix partner for efficient and effective resistance management strategies to combat glyphosate and ALS-resistant weeds.


Joya has received EPA registration but is not currently registered in all states. Please contact your local account manager for more information on current state registration status or call North America Customer Service at: (1) 886-927-6826 (toll free).


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