Kick Start Potato Growth with a New Fertilizer Tool from Rotam North America

Yoduo (pronounced “YOU-DO”) is a unique protein hydrolysate fertilizer that gives potato plants a nutritional kick when they need it most.  A product of Rotam North America, this new crop nutrition tool will be available in 2021 to potato growers throughout North America.


According to Paul Wulf, product manager for Yoduo: “through extensive trial and test plots, Yoduo has repeatedly demonstrated considerable return on investment, shown significantly stronger, more vigorous, and more productive crops across the globe where Yoduo has been used for more than a decade.”


Demonstration plots in 2019 and 2020 on tubers in Southeastern Idaho have presented clear evidence that Yoduo delivers more pounds of potatoes when compared with standard grower practice. Yoduo outperforms other nutritional products, especially when crops are subjected to environmental stress. Factors such as temperature and moisture extremes, often called abiotic stressors, can impact tuber survival as well as potato growth, and sizing.


“Yoduo is water soluble and is compatible with most other products commonly used on potatoes. Initially applied at the vegetative state, before tuber development, Yoduo gives the plants the kick they need at the time they need it. Follow up treatment with Yoduo spurs stronger vegetative growth and more vigorous tuber development. The power of Yoduo really becomes evident when it’s time to dig,” stated Mac McDonough, Rotam account manager.


What’s the secret?  Yoduo provides the nutritional requirements that help strengthen plants and boost the vitality and vigor of emerging tubers.  “Frost damage in particular can be a big problem when growing spuds.” Mac continued. “In both 2019 and 2020 frost events occurred on some of the world’s most productive potato-growing fields in the U.S. Sometimes these frost events strike twice or more in as many days.”


“Our first U.S. potato trial in 2019 was a real head turner,” Mac added, “in one trial, spuds were planted at the end of April. Half a pivot was treated with Yoduo roughly a month later. That’s when the potatoes were about the size of softballs and in the early vegetative state. A week or so later, frost hit the high plains. In fact, there were two frost events, one right after the other in early June. The results of Yoduo were visible almost immediately. Plants on the untreated side were crowned with black, frost-damaged leaves. On some plants, more than half the tubers were destroyed. The side treated with Yoduo survived the frost nicely with healthy tubers across the field. The outcome was predictable. There was a significant yield increase for the grower from the Yoduo treated side.”


2020 trials also show impressive results in fields that were both damaged and undamaged by frost events. “We believe Yoduo may be a game-changer for potato growers. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Mac concluded. “It’s like Yoduo gives potato plants a kick in the pants for better production and more pounds per acre.”


Limited quantities of Yoduo are available for sale now, ahead of the official launch in January of 2021. 


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