Physio-Chemical Laboratory

Chemistry faculty of RRL conducts wide range of tests to evaluate the Physical-chemical properties of pure and formulated Agrochemicals in compliance with EEC, OECD, OPPTS and SANCO guidelines.

We follow internationally accepted methods like FAO, WHO, AOAC and CIPAC with strict compliance to OECD principles of Good Laboratory Practices.

The areas of expertise include:

  • 5 batch analysis with impurity profiling supported by method development for identification and detection of trace impurities down to ppb levels, in technical and formulated pesticides and support the new methods by complete validation
  • Developing accurate methods to detect micro level of pesticides (ppm to ppb levels) in water to support environment toxicity testing
  • Conduct full range of tests on Product chemistry and stability on storage at low, high and ambient temperatures

Apart from well-qualified, competent, highly trained and experienced multinational scientists to perform these studies and generate reliable data, we have sophisticated infrastructure with state of art modern analytical equipments which are fully automated to produce results of high precision and accuracy. We work with the most advanced analytical technology using chromatography equipments like HPLCs supported with whole range of specific detectors like PDA, RI, Fluorescent, CDD and GCs supported with FID, ECD, TCD, FPD detectors and GC headspace for highly volatile trace level impurities. Our LC and GC coupled with mass detector, FTIR and spectrometer are used for molecular structure identification. We also have large and diverse range of specialized and modern scientific equipments in our laboratory to evaluate the whole range of physical and chemical properties.

Physio-Chemical Testing Room

RRL uses advanced equipment to ensure data accuracy

Analytical Equipments Lab in RRL

Hire professional staff to control all experiments, data collecting, monitoring and recording process


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