Performance Highlights

  • Montana 4F covers nearly all Imidacloprid registered uses on more than 100 crops including soil and foliar applications in one convenient product.
  • Montana 4F can also be applied as a post-seeding drench, transplant-water drench or hill drench in addition to soil and foliar applications.
  • Long-lasting systematic activity to control major soil and foliar sucking insects in over 100 crops.
  • Helps plants stay healthier to withstand environmental stresses including drought and disease.
  • Montana 4F protects your investment in high-value crops with proven performance at the right price.

Key Crops

  • Cotton
  • Potatoes
  • Tobacco
  • Vegetables
  • Vine crops
  • Christmas trees
  • And many more…

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Label & SDS

Want to learn more about benefits, uses, tank mix options, and how Montana 4F can help protect your bottom line? Access the Montana 4F label and SDS below.