Proven Effectiveness

ArborMectin is a patent-pending formulation created to provide fast uptake and broad-spectrum control of some of the most difficult pests arborists face. Emerald ash borer, winter moth, Japanese beetle and gall wasp are all controlled through a single treatment.

ArborMectin is for control of mature and immature insect and mite pests of deciduous, coniferous, and palm trees including, but not limited to, those growing in residential and commercial landscapes, parks, plantations, seed orchards, and forested sites (in private, municipal, state, tribal and national areas). ArborMectin contains the active ingredient emamectin benzoate and is formulated to translocate in the tree’s vascular system when injected. This product must be placed into active sapwood and will actively control pests for up to two years.

Percent Thinning of Ash Trees Lafayette, IN

A research trial conducted in Lafayette, IN by university personnel was initiated in May of 2013. Trees of similar sizes were treated with either ArborMectin or TREE-Age® using the Chicago Protocol to determine the dose. Percent canopy thinning ratings were taken in August of 2013, 2014 and 2015

Abormectin Perfecnt Thinning Ash Trees Graph

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